The EEOC reported a record number of private sector discrimination charges filed in FY 2010, nearly reaching the 100,000 mark.  99,922 charges were filed in FY 2010, an increase of 6,645 (7%) from FY 2009. The most frequently filed charges were retaliation (36%), race discrimination (35.9%), and sex discrimination (29.1%).

Disability discrimination charges increased more compared to FY 2009 (17.3%) than any other type of charge. More than 25,000 ADA charges were filed, which was about 25% of the charge total. During FY 2010, the EEOC resolved 24,401 ADA charges. More than 62% of them were resolved with a “no reasonable cause” finding. The nearly 2,600 settlements of ADA charges resulted in $76.1 million in monetary benefits to the charging parties, which is an average of more than $29,000 per settlement.

201 charges were filed under GINA. Nearly 68% of those were resolved with a “no reasonable cause” finding.

With new regulations to implement the ADA Amendments Act anticipated this year, and new GINA regulations effective January 2011, it is quite likely that this upward trend in the number of charges relating to workplace medical issues will continue in FY 2011