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A flurry of employment law-related bills are headed to Governor Newsom for consideration, however, no bills are being presented related to statewide supplemental paid sick leave. In March 2021, California resurrected and expanded statewide COVID-19 supplemental paid sick leave.  The legislation sunsets on September 30, 2021, and there is no legislation pending to extend

CaliforniaThe DOL’s final rule on paid sick leave was not the only news-making event in the world of leave management last Friday.  While additional time off was being lauded by the federal government, additional protected leave was rejected in California. 

On Friday September 30, 2016, California’s Governor Brown vetoed SB 654 (Jackson), the New Parent Leave Act.  The Senate Bill would have created a new protected leave of absence for employers with 20 or more employees within a 75-mile radius in California.   The vetoed bill would have added an additional 6 weeks of “parental leave” to bond with a new child within one year of the child’s birth, adoption, or foster care placement leave, thus creating a potential total of over 5 months of protected leave for certain California employees.  The bill also would have prohibited employers from refusing to maintain and pay for coverage under a group health plan for an employee who takes the additional parental leave.
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