Developing a comprehensive strategy for hiring and retaining individuals who can satisfy your legitimate performance expectations has never been more challenging – or important. Employees are older, increasingly overweight and unhealthy, and seem to juggle more family responsibilities than ever. An ever-changing and increasingly complex array of federal, state and local laws protect these workers and frustrate efforts to operate efficiently. The Family and Medical Leave Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act are mere starting points. HIPAA, GINA, ERISA, DOT Regulations, and OSHA can impose additional federal compliance obligations. Add to this mix state workers’ compensation, disability, family and medical leave, pregnancy leave, small necessities leaves, and medical privacy protections and one easily can understand why employers feel paralyzed by the law when managing injured and ill workers.

Jackson Lewis’ Disability, Leave & Health Management Practice Group helps clients take control of this business exposure. With experts in ADA, FMLA, OSHA, substance abuse and HIPAA, we enhance legal compliance and reduce business exposures by: (1) designing procedures for hiring employees with the highest probability of meeting their business objectives; (2) developing policies and processes to enforce legitimate performance, productivity and attendance standards; and (3) crafting strategies for improving the dependability and productivity of employees and, ultimately, reducing the number of disability and leave management situations that must be addressed.

At all times, we remain keenly aware absent employees mean lost profits and business opportunities and employers need business solutions more than legal memoranda. We invite you to learn more about our professional services and products and encourage you to inquire about the unique ways we might help improve your business.