With May 31st 2019, marking the deadline for bills to be passed by their California house of origin, the following are some key pieces of employment legislation that may find their way to Governor Gavin Newsom’s desk in October. Here is a round-up of potential 2020 legislation worth watching:

Assembly Bill 767 – This bill would state that it is the intent of the Legislature to consider the inclusion of infertility treatment in the definition of essential health benefits.

Assembly Bill 1223 – Requires public and private employers to provide employees with an additional 30 business days of unpaid leave (after exhausting 30 business days of paid leave) for the purposes of organ donation.

Assembly Bill 1748 – Amends the California Family Rights Act (CFRA) 1,250-hour requirement as applied to flight deck or cabin crew employees in a manner consistent with the Federal Family and Medical Leave Act.

Senate Bill 142 – Requires the Building Standards Commission to adopt mandatory building standards for the installation of lactation space for employees in nonresidential buildings newly constructed or remodeled for workplace occupancy when there is a tenant improvement project to the building and certain criteria are met.

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