With flu season upon us, our colleague Joe Lynett has written two posts relating to workplace flu issues.

“Plan to Minimize Spread of Flu and Legal Risks in the Workplace during Flu Season” is here.

"Health Care Personnel in New York Must Get Flu Vaccination or Wear a Mask” is here.

The Departments of Justice, Education and Health and Human Services issued a joint letter to the nation’s medical schools, dental schools, nursing schools, and other health-related schools regarding hepatitis B discrimination.  In the letter, the departments express concern that some health-related schools may be making enrollment decisions based on an incorrect understanding of the hepatitis

First Oktoberfest, now Pulaski Days.

Recall our post about an employee on FMLA who was terminated after his employer learned about his Oktoberfest festival jaunt. The Sixth Circuit affirmed summary judgment for the employer on the plaintiff’s FMLA retaliation claim, holding that, based on the plaintiff’s actions at the festival,  the employer had an “honest belief” that the employee