Relying on the employer’s “honest belief” that the plaintiff had engaged in fraudulent conduct, the U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals rejected the FMLA retaliation claim of an employee who had requested leave to attend the funeral of her granddaughter, when it was actually her step-granddaughter who had died. The collective bargaining agreement governing the plaintiff’s

On the day of her evening wedding, plaintiff called in and asked for a vacation day. When her request was denied, she said she would take an FMLA day instead. Since plaintiff had previously been approved for intermittent leave for migraine headaches, the employer approved her request.

A few weeks later, the plaintiff gave the

First Oktoberfest, now Pulaski Days.

Recall our post about an employee on FMLA who was terminated after his employer learned about his Oktoberfest festival jaunt. The Sixth Circuit affirmed summary judgment for the employer on the plaintiff’s FMLA retaliation claim, holding that, based on the plaintiff’s actions at the festival,  the employer had an “honest belief” that the employee