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Leaving Defenses On The Table In Drafting Employee Handbooks And Posting Notices

While off-the-shelf employee handbooks can be cost-efficient in the short-term, sometimes they leave important employer defenses on the table.  This is particularly true for state-specific defenses.  For example, while most Michigan employers know it is best to include a reporting procedure for harassment in their employee handbook, many do not know that Michigan’s Persons with … Continue Reading

Does a Rule Prohibiting Employees with Discipline From Transferring Violate the ADA?

Must an employer bend its rule prohibiting an employee with discipline from transferring to another position as a reasonable accommodation if the request to transfer is due to a disability?  We posted recently about a case where an employer denied an employee’s request to telecommute or relocate his office for a medical reason because he … Continue Reading

6th Circuit Rejects Claim that Doctor’s Note Requirement is an Unlawful Disability Inquiry; Distinguishes “Nature of the Illness” from “General Diagnosis

Nuance is important in legal analysis. A recent 6th Circuit case dealing with employer policies requiring an employee returning from sick leave to provide a doctor’s note illustrates the point.   In Lee v. The City of Columbus, the 6th Circuit held that the Columbus Police Department’s requirement that the doctor’s note include the “the nature … Continue Reading