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Could Your Parental Leave Policy Be Considered Sex Discrimination?

With the increase in the number of states that require various types of paid leave, now is a good time to examine your leave policies.  While often overlooked, one policy that could expose an employer to liability is its maternity leave or parental leave policy.   As the EEOC’s Guidance on Pregnancy Discrimination and Related Issues … Continue Reading

Leaving Defenses On The Table In Drafting Employee Handbooks And Posting Notices

While off-the-shelf employee handbooks can be cost-efficient in the short-term, sometimes they leave important employer defenses on the table.  This is particularly true for state-specific defenses.  For example, while most Michigan employers know it is best to include a reporting procedure for harassment in their employee handbook, many do not know that Michigan’s Persons with … Continue Reading

Does a Rule Prohibiting Employees with Discipline From Transferring Violate the ADA?

Must an employer bend its rule prohibiting an employee with discipline from transferring to another position as a reasonable accommodation if the request to transfer is due to a disability?  We posted recently about a case where an employer denied an employee’s request to telecommute or relocate his office for a medical reason because he … Continue Reading

6th Circuit Rejects Claim that Doctor’s Note Requirement is an Unlawful Disability Inquiry; Distinguishes “Nature of the Illness” from “General Diagnosis

Nuance is important in legal analysis. A recent 6th Circuit case dealing with employer policies requiring an employee returning from sick leave to provide a doctor’s note illustrates the point.   In Lee v. The City of Columbus, the 6th Circuit held that the Columbus Police Department’s requirement that the doctor’s note include the “the nature … Continue Reading