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“You Can’t Fire Me, I Just Came Back From FMLA Leave.”

Contrary to apparent popular belief, employees who have recently taken leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act (“FMLA”) can be terminated for legitimate reasons unrelated to their FMLA leave.  Establishing a non-retaliatory termination in these circumstances can be challenging, however.  The timing of the termination alone can “look” retaliatory, and even a well thought … Continue Reading

Dishonesty Concerning Vacation While on FMLA Leave Leads to Termination

Recall our post concerning the employee on FMLA who went to Cancun to recover from surgery. The court upheld her termination for violating a rule that those receiving wage replacement benefits must stay in the immediate vicinity of their homes. Now comes a nurse on FMLA with a back and leg injury, collecting disability benefits, who … Continue Reading