With flu season upon us, our colleague Joe Lynett has written two posts relating to workplace flu issues.

“Plan to Minimize Spread of Flu and Legal Risks in the Workplace during Flu Season” is here.

"Health Care Personnel in New York Must Get Flu Vaccination or Wear a Mask” is here.

Whether a supervisor mistreated the plaintiff after he returned from his second leave of absence, causing him to need a third leave, is irrelevant to his FMLA retaliation claim because “[e]xacerbation is not a valid theory of liability under the FMLA” according to the Seventh Circuit.  Breneisen, Jr. and Lineweaver v. Motorola, Inc. (7th Cir.

Sometimes a case makes you wonder. Bruce Casanova, a former American Airlines baggage handler, told the jury he lied to American and feigned forgetfulness in an “Article 29F” investigation of his work related injury, and refused to provide a written statement concerning the circumstances of his injury as required by the collective bargaining agreement