Beginning January 1, 2020, Oregon employers with at least six employees must comply with the Employer Accommodation for Pregnancy Act. The Act requires employers to provide reasonable accommodations to applicants and employees who have limitations related to pregnancy, unless it would impose an undue hardship on the employer.  The Act also makes it unlawful to deny employment based upon the need to make a reasonable accommodation, take adverse action against an employee for inquiring about, requesting, or using a reasonable accommodation, require an employee to accept unnecessary reasonable accommodations, or to use FMLA leave instead of a reasonable accommodation. Employers must post signs regarding the Act on their premises, as well as provide written notification to all their employees within 180 days of the Act (i.e., on June 29, 2020). Further, going forward, employers must also provide written notification to new hires and existing employees who have informed their employer of a pregnancy.

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