As we previously reported, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania enacted a paid sick leave law (the “County Ordinance”) on September 15, 2021 requiring employers with 26 or more employees to provide paid sick leave. Under the County Ordinance, covered employers have an obligation to notify employees in writing that they are entitled to paid sick time, the amount of paid sick time, and the terms of its use. The County Ordinance further provides that retaliation against employees who request or use paid sick time pursuant to the leave law is prohibited and that each employee has the right to file a complaint if paid sick time is denied by the employer or the employee is retaliated against for requesting or taking paid sick time.

Allegheny County recently updated its website to include the notice poster, guidelines, and FAQs for the County Ordinance, as well as a complaint form which can be completed and submitted by employees online.

According to the County, the effective date of the County Ordinance is December 15, 2021.  The County also notes that although the County Ordinance is active and enforceable, fines will not be imposed for one year after the effective date.

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