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ADA Compliance Challenges: Navigating the Over-accommodation Conundrum

Make no mistake about it: ADA compliance can be challenging.  This is especially true when it comes to providing reasonable accommodation.  Not uncommonly, managers wanting to do the right thing actually provide more than the law requires.  Although well-intentioned, this practice often leads to conflict if more generous accommodations are later scaled back. Thankfully, a recent … Continue Reading

Inflexible Leave Policy is Fair, Lawful and Protects Disabled Employees, Says Tenth Circuit

Reports of the demise of inflexible leave policies—leave policies that result in termination if the employee is unable to return to work after a fixed amount of leave – are premature. The EEOC has sued numerous employers, alleging that their “inflexible leave policies” were unlawful because they did not take into account the possibility of … Continue Reading

Electronic Book Readers Must Meet ADA Accessibility Requirements, says DOJ

  Emerging technology clashes with ADA accessibility requirements, as the U.S. Department of Justice and U.S. Department of Education warn colleges and university about requiring classroom use of electronic readers. In an open letter to college and university presidents, the federal departments "express[ed] concern" that some electronic book readers "lack an accessible text-to-speech function," making … Continue Reading

Burning Down the House: Considering the “Worst Case Scenario” In Determining Whether an Obese, Diabetic Employee is Qualified

  We readily conceded that our recent post concerning the Hooters waitress placed on “weight probation” was “not your typical weight discrimination” case. Here is a more typical one, which also addresses whether an employer may consider the “worst case scenario,” so to speak, in determining whether an employee is a qualified individual with a … Continue Reading