The Connecticut Paid Sick Leave Law has been tweaked in three respects: (1) to allow employers to determine the 50-employee applicability threshold in the same manner as under the state’s Family and Medical Leave Act, i.e., by determining whether the employer has at least 50 employees on its payroll for the week containing October 1; (2) to allow accrual of paid sick leave hours on any annual basis, not just a calendar year, and (3) to add one additional job title—radiologic technologists—to the list of “service worker” titles that are eligible for paid sick leave. The law adopting the tweaks— An Act Creating Parity between Paid Sick Leave Benefits and Other Employer-Provided Benefits (Public Act 14-128)—is effective January 1, 2015.

Newark, N,J. whose  Paid Sick Leave Ordinance became effective on June 21, 2014, has issued FAQs about the ordinance. There are 24 FAQs–a dozen directed to employers and a dozen directed to employees. The FAQs address a myriad of questions on topics such as employee eligibility, accrual of paid sick leave, employer notice obligations, appropriate uses of paid sick leave and the law’s integration with collective bargaining agreements.

Also on the paid sick leave issue, the Massachusetts Secretary of State announced last week that voters in November will be asked whether to approve a mandatory earned sick time law. If the issue passes, Massachusetts would become the second state and ninth jurisdiction to adopt a paid sick time law.