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Ohio Means Business: New Law Prohibits Cities and Counties From Enacting Paid Sick Leave, Predictive Scheduling, and Minimum Wage Laws

Imagine you operate multiple business locations in Columbus, Ohio where 3 counties comprise the city proper and as many as 11 counties comprise the larger Columbus Metropolitan Area. Now imagine that each of those counties adopts their own local ordinance requiring paid sick leave as well as advance notice (and extra pay) to employees before … Continue Reading

Final Regulations Published for Federal Contractor Paid Sick Leave

On the eve of the end of its fiscal year, the U.S. Department of Labor has announced final rules implementing Executive Order 13706 requiring that covered federal contractors provide paid sick leave for covered employees. Scheduled for official publication tomorrow in the federal register, the rules require federal contractors to provide at least 1 hour of paid sick leave for … Continue Reading

The Evolving Paid Sick Leave Patchwork: 2016 Update

Another year, more PSL patches. With nearly 30 patches now, and contributions from every level of government, PSL has achieved full-fledged patchwork status. This year’s PSL highlights include: Oregon becomes the fourth state with PSL, joining CA, CT and MA. Montgomery County, MD becomes the first county to enact a PSL law. With more than … Continue Reading

Voters Approve Paid Sick Leave Laws in Three Cities and Massachusetts

“Elections have consequences” goes the maxim and one of the consequences of the November 4 election is that employers in four additional jurisdictions have paid sick leave laws (PSL) to consider.  The margin of approval suggests that PSL laws are widely supported by the electorate. Massachusetts becomes the third state to enact a PSL, following … Continue Reading

New Jersey Considers Putting Kibosh on Local Leave Laws

The New Jersey Assembly is considering a bill that would put the kibosh on local government efforts to require private employers to provide employees with paid sick leave.  This proposed legislation is a response to the fact that six New Jersey municipalities have enacted a “patchwork” of paid sick leave laws within the past year, … Continue Reading

Mega-Patchwork of Paid Sick Leave Laws Here and Growing!

Eighteen months ago, we posted about the developing patchwork of state and local paid sick leave (PSL) laws.  I urged readers to squint a bit out over the leave-and-attendance law horizon to see this patchwork taking shape. Eighteen months later, there’s no need to squint. The patchwork is very visible, and growing. Eighteen months ago, Connecticut … Continue Reading

Eugene, Oregon Becomes Ninth Patch in Paid Sick Leave Patchwork

Eugene, OR enacted its “Ordinance Concerning Sick Leave” on July 29, 2014, making it the ninth jurisdiction to have a paid sick leave law. The other eight are San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, OR, New York City, Newark and Jersey City, New Jersey, Connecticut and the District of Columbia.  Massachusetts voters will decide in November whether … Continue Reading

Philly Employers Must Accommodate Pregnant Workers

Add Philly to the quickly growing list of jurisdictions requiring employers to accommodate pregnant employees. The Philadelphia Ordinance requires employers, upon request, to reasonably accommodate an employee “for needs related to pregnancy, childbirth, or a related medical condition” unless to do so will cause an undue hardship. Examples of reasonable accommodation include “restroom breaks, periodic … Continue Reading

Jersey City Adds Another Patch to the Paid Sick Leave Patchwork

And then there were seven. Seven patches in the developing “paid sick leave” patchwork that we presaged months ago. It started with San Francisco in 2007. Then the District of Columbia, Connecticut, Seattle, Portland, OR, and  NYC . Now, add the Jersey City, N.J. patch. The Jersey City variation requires employers with at least 10 … Continue Reading

NYC Adds Another Patch to the Paid Sick Leave Patchwork

Add the New York City patch to the patchwork of paid sick leave laws developing around the country. We wrote about this development in an earlier post. The NYC law, called the Earned Sick Time Act, was passed June 27, 2013, when the New York City Council overrode the mayor’s veto of the bill. NYC … Continue Reading

Florida Governor Puts Kibosh on Local Leave Laws

Florida Governor Rick Scott has signed a bill that puts the kibosh on local leave and attendance laws.  House Bill 655 prevents Florida’s political subdivisions from requiring private employers to provide employees with disability, sick leave or “personal necessity” benefits, among others. In a statement, Governor Scott said: "This bill fosters statewide uniformity, consistency and predictability … Continue Reading

A Mega Leave-and-Attendance Patchwork on its Way!

If you look out toward the leave-and-attendance legislation horizon, and you might have to squint a bit but not much, you can see yet another patchwork beginning to take shape. This one is on paid sick days. Multi-state employers need to watch this carefully since it is certainly heading for full-fledged “patchwork” status which, when … Continue Reading

Indiana Legislature Puts Kibosh On Local Attendance and Leave Laws

The Indiana Legislature has passed a bill prohibiting local government units from requiring  private sector employers to provide employees “an attendance or leave policy”… “that exceeds the requirements of federal or state law, rules, or regulations.” A sponsor of SB 213 said its goal was to prevent a “hodge-podge” of different employment benefits and laws … Continue Reading

The ADA Patchwork Lives On!

  As the ADA’s 20th anniversary nears, let’s revisit one of its lofty goals: to place a sweeping federal blanket over the patchwork of state and federal laws that protects individuals with disabilities. A recent Second Circuit opinion leaves no doubt that the patchwork lives on  In Spiegel v. Schulmann, decided on May 6, 2010, a karate … Continue Reading